Point Of View: We All Have A Calling To Serve

By Dan Boren and Chris Meek| July 22nd, 2024


As important as it is on this Veterans Day to thank those brave men and women who selflessly served in defense of our freedom and liberties, our obligation does not and must not end there. Much attention has been placed on the backlog and wait times for veterans seeking Department of Veterans Administration care. But we should also recognize that the VA cannot care for our veterans alone; we all have a calling to serve.

The Emotional and Psychological Strain of Being a Police Officer

By Chris Meek | June 10th, 2024

First Responders Mental Health/Suicide Prevention

In a world where the thin blue line often separates order from chaos, police officers stand as the frontline defenders of societal stability. Yet, beneath the uniform and behind the badge, these men and women grapple with immense emotional and psychological strain, a reality that is frequently overlooked by the public and policymakers alike.

Becoming An Active Voice Against Trafficking

By Chris Meek | April 05th, 2024

Human Trafficking

The tidal wave of undocumented migrants who were crossing America’s southern border reached a record in December, topping more than 300,000 people. That was, of course, only a percentage of the people illegally flowing into the country through a hydra-headed human smuggling network.

Self-Care Tips For Empaths

By Jessica Cording| January 03rd, 2024

Mental Health/Suicide Prevention

Discover self-care tips tailored for empaths on Jessica Cording Nutrition. The post emphasizes the importance of taking time for yourself, choosing supportive social circles, learning to say no, engaging in creative outlets, scheduling self-care, using mantras, and reducing screen time to maintain emotional and mental well-being.

Those Who Cannot Remember the Past

By Chris Meek| September 11th, 2023

“Those who cannot remember the past, George Santayana wrote famously in his 1905 work, “The Life of Reason, “are condemned to repeat it.” As the 22nd anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks approach, Santayana’s observation seems all too relevant today.

Fostering A Healthier Relationship With Alcohol

By Jessica Cording| February 03rd, 2023


Explore tips for maintaining a healthier relationship with alcohol post-Dry January. The post offers strategies such as understanding your motivations for drinking, practicing mindful consumption, and exploring non-alcoholic alternatives like mocktails. These tips aim to support long-term well-being and balanced alcohol intake.

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