Fostering A Healthier Relationship With Alcohol

By Jessica Cording| February 03rd, 2023

Explore tips for maintaining a healthier relationship with alcohol post-Dry January. The post offers strategies such as understanding your motivations for drinking, practicing mindful consumption, and exploring non-alcoholic alternatives like mocktails. These tips aim to support long-term well-being and balanced alcohol intake.

Nutrition & Lifestyle Tips for Supporting Trauma Recovery

By Jessica Cording| January 03rd, 2023

Learn how to support trauma recovery through nutrition and lifestyle changes. The post provides tips such as balancing blood sugar, maintaining gut health, limiting alcohol and caffeine, regular exercise, good sleep hygiene, mindfulness practices, and seeking therapy. These strategies aim to enhance physical and emotional well-being during the healing process.

10 High-Protein Breakfast Ideas That Aren’t Eggs

By Jessica Cording| January 03rd, 2023

This article provides ten high-protein breakfast ideas without eggs, including chickpea flour mini-frittatas, smoothies, healthy coffee milkshakes, PB&J sandwiches, nuts with fruit, Greek yogurt or cottage cheese with fruit, overnight oats, and chia seed pudding. Each recipe aims to offer a nutritious, protein-rich start to the day.

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