June Is Post-Traumatic Stress (PTS) Awareness Month

By Chris Meek| July 22nd, 2024

It’s often said that “not all wounds are visible.” June offers the prime opportunity to reflect on that sentiment and conceptualize how we can ensure that even though some wounds may not be visible, they are still treated like those wounds that are.

Veteran Suicide Crisis Demands Our Action

By Dr. Albert "Skip" Rizzo| July 22nd, 2024

As we honor those Americans who have sacrificed so much in the service of our country, we must do more to address a threat that stalks all too many of them: veteran suicide.

Point Of View: We All Have A Calling To Serve

By Dan Boren and Chris Meek| July 22nd, 2024

As important as it is on this Veterans Day to thank those brave men and women who selflessly served in defense of our freedom and liberties, our obligation does not and must not end there. Much attention has been placed on the backlog and wait times for veterans seeking Department of Veterans Administration care. But we should also recognize that the VA cannot care for our veterans alone; we all have a calling to serve.

Syracuse University Law Review

By Chris Meek, Christopher Mohrman, Gavin Clingham| April 29th, 2018

Policy advocacy is as integral a piece of the puzzle to better serving veterans as is the actual provision of hardware and services. Yet that integral piece of the puzzle has been missing as these technical compliance issues are wrestled with.

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