Chris Meek is honored to have Gita Barry, executive vice president and general manager of immersive healthcare at Penumbra, Inc., join him on this edition of Next Steps Forward. Through more than 25 years in the medical device industry and her current role at the global healthcare company focused on immersive healthcare technology to help aid physical rehabilitation, Gita brings a wealth of knowledge and experienced perspective to her role as a woman in leadership. She will speak extensively about being a woman in the medical technology industry, as well as Penumbra’s REAL® Immersive System, which leverages virtual reality (VR) to deliver engaging, immersive therapeutics designed to engage patients during their rehabilitation journey, and what other innovations are on the horizon for medical technology. She will discuss the important and positive impact that the REAL® Immersive Systems have had on our nation’s military veterans and active military service members and the initiative that Penumbra Inc. has taken to work with national nonprofit SoldierStrong to deliver the systems to those populations at Veterans Affairs medical facilities. Recognizing the common belief, especially among women, of the need to maintain a work-life balance, Gita reminds the audience that in the end it’s all just “life.”